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Nutrition Section

Nutrition - Quick Find

In this section we look at the properties of foods, herbs, flavourings and all the other gunk we stuff in our mouths. We remove the hype and get down to the facts, often with controversial results that manufacturers and pharmaceutical would rather the public not know about. The following articles include information based on medical, historical and scientific research and where indicated, the views of the authors.

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A kitchen in the 14th century

Unlike articles you will find in professional magazines these are not influenced by pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession or any lobby groups. We call it as we find it and we welcome any criticsm. Here's where you get the real information about your food - the good, bad and the downright toxic!

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Artificial Sweeteners - weight loss wonder or cancer curse? Here's the facts.

Asian Cuisine - reduced fat and carbohydrate - ideal tool for weight control.

Aspartame - sweeter than sugar, it's in more foods that you realise.

Beetroot - surprising weapon in the war on cardiovascular disease

Beef - the cuts, how to cook them and get better value from your meat budget.

Celery - high in magnesium meet the weight loss wonder

Fish - The good, the bad and the toxic -can you tell the difference?

Food Labelling - Why is it so important to know where our food comes from?

GM (Gene Modified) Foods - Are they really the science miracle?

Ginger - a spice with some surprising properties and a long and amazing history.

Ginseng - for centuries ion Asia - natures "wake up" juice.

Is it safe for human consumption? - how do they decide if food is safe to eat?

Limes - for magic flavour layering - not just lolly flavours!

Precious Salt - goitre, iodine deficiency, heart disease - our devotion to salt.

Rosemary- a bit of "pick me up" magic hidden in your own garden.

Sage - an old cure-all that will add that "cottage made" taste.

Saccharin - such a sweet reward for a swindle, saccharin has an interesting history

Stevia or Sweetleaf - nature's natural sugar substitute.

Storing Glucose - compulsory reading for diabetics and weight watchers.

Stuffing and forcemeat - how to stretch out the meat bill without reducing nutrition.

Sucralose - only sweetener discovered by accent (and that's not a spelling mistake).

Truffles - that exotic fungus that can be worth more by weight than gold.

Using Herbs and spices - how to use herbs and spices in your dishes

Vanilla - the only edible orchid fruit.

Weight Control and diet - what works and why. The snake oil salesmen exposed. How to lose it and keep it off.

Our Impartiality

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Researcher looking into microscope

Big Pharma
This has become the collective name, on the Internet, of all the corporations that are involved in the medical industry. While it costs millions to develop a new treatment, they make billions if that treatment is accepted by the US Food and drug administration (FDA) which makes it financially worth while to hide unfavourable results, bribe officials and destroy smaller start-up companies. With recent developments in genetics, they are moving into the world of patents, trying to patent genomes of living organisms, locking away the potential for future experimentation. Agricultural and chemical comanies are also trying the same stunt. Science is way ahead of the legal system and desparately needs to rethink copyriight and patent laws.

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About the Nutrition section

The Internet is littered with spurious claims, "Eat this and lose weight" and "Foods you should never eat" (usually with a picture of something you just ate). But the Internet is also full of interesting pieces of information if you know where to look. There are a lot of people who like to point out that the Internet is full of scams but fail to acknowledge that it is the greatest repositry of information in human history.

A variety of different healthy foods

Nutrition is not what we east but the variety of what we eat

Then you have those who say you shouldn't eat this and only eat that. They don't realise that the human body was made to adapt and thrives on a variety. I was told by a medical officer that I should avoid bananas because they are radioactive, which was strange because he was looking forward to a holiday in the USA. Sure bananas do contain minute amounts of radioactive potassium but if I ate 20 bananas a day for three weeks, I would not be exposed to as much radiation as he would recieve on his flight to the USA, high in the atmosphere where the thin air offers much less shielding from the Sun's radiation. Then he had a return flight home too!

Sometimes professionals forget that they are knowledgable in their specialised field often at the expense of other areas and should restrict their advice to the areas of their expertise. The medical officer was correct but was not a physicist. He was unaware of the radiation levels he would be exposed to in high altitude intercontinental flight. Of course the airlines won't advertise that either.

It pays to have a close look at who is giving that advice too. The medical profession derives it's billions from tablets, pills, vaccines and prosthetics. They spend billions every year on convincing medical professionals that their products are beneficial. When side effect syptoms appear, they prescribe a different pharmaceutical to counter the symptoms, doubling their profits.

While medical professionals operate with the best intentions, keep in mind the doctor is indoctrinated.

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