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Recipes Section

Recipes - Quick Find and Index

A selection of low cost recipes with tips and tricks the best chefs use, to produce gournet quality meals on a tight budget.The aim is to produce good food in the simplest kitchen, with the minimum of artificial additives and without all the fancy gadgets. This is the sort of food that won't make you a slave to the kitchen but will get you the respect a good good deserves.

17th century painting The Boyar wedding feast by Markovsky

The Boyar wedding feast by Markovsky, 1883

Recipes Quick Find Index

There are six Recipe sections:

  1. Breads and Scones,
  2. Cakes and Biscuits,
  3. Meats and Main,
  4. Desserts Jams and Preserves,
  5. Drinks and Beverages

Click on the (blue) recipe name below and you will be taken directly to the recipe.

Breads -including scones, buns, flat cakes and damper.

  • Kaffekage - a scandinavian cake bread

  • Bruschetta - ciabatta - use up that old bread with a great light and healthy meal.

  • Bruschetta - Vietnamese Fish - Lime and Coriander add flavour to tastless or mushy fish.

  • Bruschetta - Sun dried tomato, olive and fetta.

  • Bruschetta - Anchovies or Oysters with Spring Onions.

  • Bruschetta - Cinnamon, Cardamom, Lime and Chicken - Indonesian flavour sensation.

Cakes and biscuites -including icings.

  • Kaffekage - a scandinavian cake bread.

  • Seedcake - Cake with caraway seeds, that doesn't taste like budgie food.

  • Igaili - An exotic Arabic tea cake flavoured with Cardamom,dates and sesame.

Meats and Main - main meals, meats and the sauces that go with them.

Desserts Jams and Preserves - the sweet tooth category.

  • Lemon Honey - Normally too costly for your budget? Why not make your own.

  • Vanilla essence - No fake essesnce here, you can afford to use the real stuff.

  • Beetroot - how to make your own for a quarter of what you pay in the supermarket.

Drinks - hot, cold and the somes you wouldn't nomally afford, are now within reach.

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Antioxidants are higher in pecans and walnuts than in berries like blueberries, blackberies, cranberries and currants. Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals. In turn, these radicals can start other chain reactions. When the chain reaction occurs in a cell, it can cause damage or death to the cell. Antioxidants take up the free radicals, reducing cellular damage.

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About our recipes

We try to bring you recipes that are useful for living on a tight budget with limited finances. They represent a good nutritous meal for a lower cost than you would pay at the supermarket or thay create some ingredient that you'd pay a lot more for in the shops - perhaps something that is completely out of your normal budget range.

A variety of different healthy foods

Nutrition is not what we eat but the variety of what we eat

We strive to publish recipes that do not require ingredients that are high in additives, chemicals or artificial flavours. We do not use palm oil because it is extremely high in cholesterol and saturated fats (the worst kind). We do not recomment Canola oil or blends containing canola oil - it is all Gene Modified and if the insects can't eat it maybe there's a good reason we shouldn't either. Although we do have Asian cooking recipes, we do not use MSG because many people have a bad reation to it.

This web site is a living document that is being revised and added to continuously. If there are any recipes you think should be included, send us an email and we'll be only too happy to try and include them.

While medical professionals operate with the best intentions, keep in mind the doctor is indoctrinated.

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