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If you normally buy your beetroot in a can, this will give you three times the amount of beetroot for the same price. The finished beetroot has so much more flavour than the canned stuff you’re used to. Not only do they taste fantastic but beetroot are very high in anti oxidants and compounds that fight cardiovascular disease. For further information on the nutritional properties of beetroot see our Beetroot page in the nutrition section.

bunch of beetroot

Beetroot straight from the greengrocer

This recipe is a good activity for the holidays when the kids are stuck at home. They will have a ball, sliding the slippery skins off the cooked beetroot and with their bright red dyed hands afterwards. It’s surprisingly simple to preserve beetroot and it will keep for a year in the fridge or more if you add the vinegar boiling, to sterilised jars and vacuum seal the jars. IUf you do this, there’s no need to refrigerate them and they will keep for years.

This recipe will make three times the amount of beetroot you would get in a can for the same price or if you set the juice as a jelly, you will get 5 times the amount. See how in the "Serving Suggestions" section at the end of the recipe. This will make salad beetroot, just like you get in a can but with much more flavour. This recipe is bullet proof and the quantities are all "near enough is good enough". Beetroot does have a season where it is much cheaper, but it is usually available in shops most of the year.


Because we are a large family, I use empty 1kg honey buckets but you can use any glass or sterilisable container. To sterilise plastic containers I use the baby's bottle sterilising powder. In your clean sterile containers, put a sprinkling of sugar in the bottom.

  • If your beetroot has leaf stalks and roots, trim these off and wash the beets in cold water to remove any dirt.

  • Place your beetroot in a pot and cover with water. Boil until the beetroot are soft enough for a knife to slide through with little resistance. Allow them to cool in their own juice (I usually do this and leave them over night to cool).

  • Remove the beetroot and gently squeeze them. The skin will slide off, leaving the smooth clean inner beet.

  • peeling a beetroot

    The skin slides off the boiled beetroot. Kids love this job.

  • Remove any scarred areas and top and tail the beets to remove the base where the leaves were.

  • For pickling the beetroot, because we are a large family, I use an empty 1kg plastic honey bucket and keep it in the fridge. To keep it for long periods, use any glass container with an iartight sealable lid. In your clean sterile containers, put a sprinkling of sugar in the bottom.

  • Lay a thin sprinkling of sugar in the bottom of your container

    Begin with a thin sprinkling of sugar in the bottom of your sterilised container.

  • Slice all but a few of your beetroot into approximtely 5mm slices with a sharp knife. Don't do this to all the beetroot

  • slicing the beetroot

    Slice all but a few beetroot into 5mm thick slices

  • The last one or two beetroot, cut into wedges. This makes maximum use of the space in your container.

  • Lay a layer of slices on the thin layer of sugar in your container and cover wityh a sprinkling of sugar. Repeat this topping each layer until the containers are full, fitting the wedges into any spaces.

  • Two 1 kilogram containers full of sliced beetroot

    My containers full of sliced beetroot

  • If you don't intend to keep the beetroot all year, top up with brown vinegar so all the beetroot is covered. To prepare it for a year without cold storage, heat the vinegar (and the jar of beetroot by standing in hot water, to prevent the jar cracking) and slowly pour in the hot vinegar.

  • Seal your container of beetroot while it is still hot, if you used the hot vinegar technique. If you added the vinegar cold, place your sealed container of beetroot in the fridge. It will keep for several months.

  • Two 1 kilogram containers of beetroot for the price of one 500gm can

    My containers full of sliced beetroot - 2kgs for the same price as a 500gm can

  • When cool the containers should have vacuum sealed. If in the future, any container lid is bulging and not vacuum sealed, it could be a sign the contents are contaminated and should be discarded.

  • Label the containers with their contents and the date. If you make some more beetrrot later you will know which lot to use first.

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Yellow beetroot?
Beetroot comes in red or yellow and the tase is the same. To cook, do not mix red with yellow beetroot and to pickle yellow beet, use white vinegar instead of brown.

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Serving Suggestions

You can also roast beetroot and it makes an unusually interesting vegetable but personally I prefer it pickled in vinegar as an addition to salads and summer meals. Simply wash it, top and tail it to remove the taproot and stems. Cut it into quarters and roast the same as any other roast vegetables.For winter fare you can warm it up in it's juice in the microwave and serve it as another hot vegetable. It goes well with almost anything, adding that gourmet quality to the dish. Baby beets are pickled in exactly the same way but are expensive to buy. However they are easy to grow and are best grown from seed.

Roast chicken with roast beetroot

Roast chicken with roast baby beetroot

Pickled beetroot makes a delicious healthy filling for a sandwich, is an ideal added filling in a salad roll or hamburger. Beetroot is a valuable source of folic acid (readily digestable iron), antioxidants and is rich in potassium, magnesium and iron as well as vitamins A, B6 and C.

Hanburger with everything

An Aussieburger is a hamburger with everything plus beetroot.

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